How to Photograph the
Stars and the Milky Way
"A guide that will show you step by step, on how to achieve a technically perfect night shot, starting from the theoretical bases, to planning the shot up to post production"

You will master the advanced techniques of cutting and blending multiple shots

Star-Trail "Learn how to make Star-Trail fluid and free of digital noise with no software or plug-ins"

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How to Photograph the Stars and the Milky Way

How to Photograph the Stars and the Milky Way

This eBook is a comprehensive guide to learn the secrets and the techniques used by professional night photographers in the last 10 years.

We will drive you step by step to achieve great night photos of stars and milky way, starting from the basics, without any help from external plug-ins or add-ons.

This book contains too a guide to an advanced kind of light painting which, performed in the right way, makes it possible to avoid annoying shadows. In the end, you will be able to obtain amazing night double exposures and “under the star selfie” photos too.

Available in ITALIAN and ENGLISH

When you want, where you want!

Download it comfortably on all the devices you use and browse it whenever you want, in any situation.

Are you under the stars and need a guide? Just take the cell phone in your hand.

Are you comfortable in front of your desk? Well, thanks to the high quality of images and texts it can be viewed without problems on screens up to 4k resolution.



Learn to plan your outings to avoid unpleasant situations like clouds, rain or fog.

In this ebook you will find all my planning secrets: how to choose a location, how to get there and understand when is the right time to go there by predicting the movements of the sun, moon and other events.


Star-Tracker, very easy and fast setup

Often for those who are beginners, putting the star-tracker mount in polar is an arduous operation to carry out.

Through the eBook, you will discover how to easily locate the Polar Star and the tricks, apps and accessories to point your star-tracker precisely and quickly.

iOptron SkyGuider Pro

Multiple exposures

Master the advanced methods of cropping and blending multiple shots to make your perfect photo.

Landscape with exposure of 242 sec.
Landscape with exposure of 242 sec.
Base of the sky without earthly elements
Base of the sky without earthly elements
Light painting
Light painting
Selfie with remote shutter release
Selfie with remote shutter release
Final results
Final results

Don't have photos to practice?

With the purchase you will also receive sample RAW and PSD files to practice step by step
Initial photo
Final Star Trail


  • How to use the “300” rule to photograph the milky way
  • How to photograph the milky way using a motorized mount
  • How to photograph the nightscape
  • Light-Painting (advanced Pedi technique)
  • Under the stars “selfie”
  • Photographic equipment
  • The planning
  • How to post-produce using Lightroom or Camera raw
  • The dark frames
  • The Stacking technique
  • Ending retouch on Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw
  • The Startrail technique


  • Exposure
  • Histogram
  • Shutter speed and aperture
  • White balance
  • ISO speed
  • The focus
  • Depth of field
  • Circle of confusion
  • Calculating the hyperfocal
  • The night pollution filter


Master your post-production techniques with Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.

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